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**Note: This document has been demeated. **

—Object number: SCR-900

Object Level: TukerDanger Uncontrollable

Reception safety procedures: The object is accommodated on the wall of a house (recorded as SCR-900-A) and shall not be opened, damaged or demolished without permission.
The paper meme carrier of the object should be locked in the safe and armed by 10 SMT agents.124-hour guard; its body should be kept in place in SCR-900-A and guarded for 24 hours by 10 SMT agents.

Objects cannot be accommodated. The impact of its special effects has spread all over the world, which means that the project can no longer be fully accommodated. At present, all research on SCR-900 should be suspended.2.
Object description: SCR-900 is a transparent glass window. After testing, it was found that its glass is abnormal.3The specific production date is unknown.
The particularity of the object lies in the special effect.4During the period, regardless of the weather time.5The scenery seen through it is a city on a rainy evening. The exploration of its characteristics is still in progress.
SCR-900 is a special meme, which was first found in Room 61, Unit 4, Building ████ District, ██ City, ██ Province, China.6The window. Several studies have shown that the meme can be transferred to paper.
Many studies on the content of paper memes have changed the content of memes. After the change7The content is summarized as follows:

Are you still watching it?

Do you still want to see it?

Is this what you want?

Don't you really want to know the truth?

Why do you need to add so many boxes to a file that introduces the window? Why do you need to enter a password to access archive files? Are you curious?
Curiosity is human nature. Out of curiosity, human beings began to come out of the cave and use fire. Out of curiosity, human beings studied all kinds of technology, grab the moon in nine days and went down the five oceans to catch turtles. Nowadays, in order to explore all kinds of abnormalities, human beings have set up a number of institutions, such as,

SCR Company.

That's right. That's it. Why did it split from Alpha?
It was born in troubled times to protect one life. He is the savior. You should respect him.
It is our hope, our only hope.
And what this window hides behind it is everything SCR pays.
Don't you want to see it?

Now, open the window and look out.

Research shows that SCR-900 has the following properties:

Quick impact. SCR-900 will quickly influence people's minds, making the affected (referred to SCR-900-B) firmly believe that there is no hole behind the window. Using level 3 memory removal can eliminate effects.
High-speed transmission. SCR-900 will quickly erode the radius of 2 5 10 105All living organisms within m8It is quickly spread to other unaffected people on the same scope.
It is irreversible. SCR-900 can eliminate the impact through memory removal in the early stage of the impact; in the medium term, SCR-900-B will persist in finding "windows leading to alien worlds", but can be intercepted; in the later stage, SCR-900-B will violently remove all external factors that prevent it from finding windows. This process is irreversible.
After many explorations, the window has been explored.9There is a space. The following is the first exploration record.

Video number: video-scr-900-1
Video theme: Exploration of the internal space of the SCR-900 body.
Explorers: Con-01255, Con-21109, Con-00657
Video content:
[Record start]
<00:00:00> The camera device is on. Audio recording device is on.
(Whistling sound)
<00:00:03> Con-01255: Well, this is the first time I have done this thing. Is it turned on?
<00:00:06> (Con-21109 came forward and reviewed it)
<00:00:09> Con-21109: Open.
<00:00:09> Con-01255: Just open. Hey, man, what do you think this company sent us to this place where birds don't shit?
<00:00:14> Con-00657: It seems that it is to investigate a new anomaly?
<00:00:18> Con-01255: Shit, they are cultured to sit in big offices one by one, but they want to send us to do these things.
<00:00:24> Con-21109: Well, let's finish the task as soon as possible.
<00:00:24> (The group walked forward for half an hour)
<00:30:29> Con-01255: Fuck, I didn't expect that there was such a large space in such a small window. I was exhausted! Let's take a break…
<00:30:39> Con-00657, Con-21109: Agree.
<00:30:40> (Three people began to rest in place. The camera was put down.)
<00:30:45> (After a while, it was speculated that the meme had worked.)
<00:30:54> Con-21109: Hey, do you think (pat Con-00657's shoulder), this place seems to be quite good?
Con-00657: You can say that…
<00:31:09>~<01:01:06> Noisy and black screen about half an hour long.
<xx:xx:xx> ???: You shouldn't have come here.
[Record Suspension]

Later, three people were found in front of the window. Three of them were unconscious, and the three were then sent for treatment. Three days later, the three returned to normal. For the memories of the scene at that time, all of them expressed lingering fear and thought that their behavior was abnormal. Then the three were removed from memory.
(Note: The video has been dememeated.)

Appendix: Research shows that ███ has the effect of ███████████. A █-level employee violated the rules of ███, had private contact with █████, which led to the impact of SC████████, security████████ out of control, feeling ███ in the middle of the middle. ████ shot████ shot, killing ████ x 105 people.
Death, afraid of ██████ broadcasting███████████ transmission. ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Breakthrough and the reception is invalid.
The only remaining ███████████ has cancelled the rating of SCR-900, launched ████████████ to set the world, and tried successfully.
There are many black blocks in the wrong position… but at least you can see it.

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