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SCR-093 in control

Object code: SCR-093

Object level: Tucker

Security Reception Procedure:the individual was found in the hospital located in [data deletion] on █████.█████.████. No one is allowed to enter SCR-093 without the direct permission of E01 Committee. If any abnormality is found, the area shall be blocked immediately and reported to the superior in time.

Object Description: the individual shape is an elevator with a length of 3M, a width of 1.5m and a height of 2.3m. When the entity enters SCR-093, it will immediately be in a state of failure, with vision reduced to 1% of the original. In about a few tens of seconds, the elevator door will open completely, and the exit will appear in another space. According to the test, when the entity enters SCR-093, its camera device only intercepts the video a few seconds after it enters the individual. It has been confirmed that there is a plane figure similar to human face, and no information has been found. Please refer to appendix 093-1 for interview records.

Appendix 093-1:

interviewee: Con-4532
Interviewer: Dr. ██████

foreword: SCR-093 test 3 completed, Con-4532 returned
< record start >, ███.██.██16:32
Interviewer: describe how you feel when you enter that thing.
Interviewee:Oh, my God… That's too bad. I went in and I felt dizzy
Interviewee: continue.
Interviewee: then, I feel the sky is spinning and my eyes are almost invisible! I held the handle and thought it would be better… As a result, the ghost didn't stop at all! Just more and more
Interviewer: and then?
Interviewee:you can't feel that at all! Thank goodness, it finally stopped! I thought it was you when the door opened. As a result, it went to another place, a place I didn't know
Interviewer:How did you get back?
Interviewee: I grabbed the handle. After a while, the door closed. Then… It sent me back. God
Interviewee: well… Prepare for the next test.
Interviewee:no! You don't understand! This is the devil! You… I'm not your mouse!
Interviewee:I've heard enough! guard! Erase the memory of con-4532! End recording.
< end of record >, ████.██.████16:53

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